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About Us

Our MISSION is to reclaim the "Black Wall Street mindset" that produced the community that is mentioned above.  

So how can resuscitate the "Black Wall Street" mindset given the issues in our community of trust, scarcity, divisiveness??


First, we MUST change our mindset, not just with ownership, but to value OUR lives, OUR interest, OUR power, OUR control and OUR quality of life which is the significant step toward of true and real freedom.  Second, we must INVEST IN OURSELVES through knowledge, time and money.


The Black Think Tank Community is a virtual referral service that pairs VETTED people, businesses, resources, tools, mentors, organizations and much, much more in the following categories;

Jobs, Credit, Home ownership, Investments, Taxes, Health, Insurance, Business, Financial Literacy and Estate Planning! 


Our hope is if we share our collaborative subject matter network, it will create opportunities and community which helps you achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams!


Coming together is a beginning...

Keeping together is progress...

Working together is success...


Our mission is to act in the interest of the black community by improving their quality of life through collaboration, information and opportunities.


Black interest - to act in someone's favor, to do something that will benefit someone.

  • Ownership

  • Power

  • Control

Black community

  • Quality of life - the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group

  • Database = Compile and leverage Black SMEs and other resources

  • Collaboration = partnerships & networking


  • Investing in yourself = education

  • Creating opportunities

  • Collaboration = partnerships & networking

  • Help without dependence

Financial empowerment

  • Financial literacy

  • Make $$

  • Save money (pay less in taxes)

  • Leverage & improve credit

  • Invest

  • Protection/Generational wealth (Trust)


  • In line with Black Think Tank values

  • Black owned/controlled

Black lives

  • Safety

  • Health

Love God

  • Belief in God

Black family and relationships

  • Love, support and protect the black woman

  • Respect, acknowledge and appreciation the black man

  • Educate, protect, raise black children


  • Financial

  • History

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