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The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in Richmond was one of the first black-owned banks in the

Black Think Tank Community

How It Works

1.) Reclaim "Black Wall Street MINDSET" 

Set realistic personal/business vision/goals based upon your values, interest, financial freedom & quality of life. 


2.) Create OPPORTUNITIES by investing in yourself by learning how what you are looking to do works, best practices, industry standards, information, tools, & resources. 


3.) Pair you with the Black Think Tank Community's VETTED subject matter experts in the following 10 categories; Jobs, Credit, Home ownership, Investments, Taxes, Health, Insurance, Business, Financial Literacy & Estate Planning to accomplish your goals.

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FINANCIAL LITERACY - is the number is people that we have helped get on a understanding of how money works, budget, save, keep the money, etc...


is number of people who set their family up for generational wealth by buying a LIFE INSURANCE policy!


is the number of people who we helped developed an ESTATE PLAN, so their children won't end up begging or borrowing for funeral cost!


This is the number that of BUSINESSES that we helped create, set up their correct business structure, marketing, automation, SEO, IP, so much more... Let us help you grow your business!


This is the number that of people that we have helped become a HOMEOWNER!!! We have helped borrowers with bad credit, low down payment, investment properties, multi-family homes, etc... and we may be able to help you!


This is the number that of people that we have helped to buy the right health insurance, eating healthier and exercise! We have nutritionist, therapist, coaches and an health insurance broker! HEALTH is Wealth!!!


Represents the number people who learned about INVESTMENTS such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Crypto, etc...

$3 mill+

in wages from the 4 Job Fairs (10K+ attended) that were hosted in the Black Think Tank on Clubhouse.


is number of people who have helped understand, leverage and fix their CREDIT!

Results since June 2021


Investing Back in the Community

"Iron Sharpens Iron"

  • BLACK Business

    Every month
    Marketing business, VIP access, discounts
    • 10% mentor discount
    • 25% discount on merchandise
    • $50 discount on co-hosting a BTT room on Clubhouse (limited)
    • Bi-weekly newsletters
    • Access to BTTC Social Media Community
    • Live bi-weekly speed networking
    • Access to the BTTC content
    • One monthly website ad (use it or lose it)
    • Monthly deep dive sessions with speaker access
    • 30 second pitch in most BTT rooms on Clubhouse
    • 25% discounted fee on the BTTC annual in-person event
    • Customized referral analysis
  • Mentoring Membership

    Every month
    Community basic membership
    • 10% discount on merchandise
    • Bi-weekly newsletters
    • Monthly deep dive sessions with speaker access
    • 25% Discount access to annual event

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